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• Does God seem distant?
• Is it hard moving on from your past?
• Does the Church seem full of hypocrisy?
• Do you have more questions than answers, even doubts about your faith? 

Let’s take a walk!

“Steve writes raw and real, polished and gritty, unfiltered and nuanced, with phrases that settle on you like a dandelion spore, as well as ones that splash down like a five-gallon bucket of water on a cooker of a summer day. In other words, you're in for a serious treat.”
James L. Rubart
New York Times
Best Selling Author

What Readers Are Saying...

“Steve’s storytelling from that era and the fantastic character who was his father during those dire times is extraordinary. I struggled to slow down and savor this great book. I wanted to devour it in a single sitting.”
Brien Crothers
Amazon Reader Review
“A kind of writing that covers every possible emotion.”
Amazon Reader Review
“The author transports the reader brilliantly. Clear your schedule, get some tea and enjoy the read.”
Esther Hobbs
Amazon Reader Review
“It is rare to find such an honest book. This book touches upon something that I think is an eternal truth - the complex relationship between a father and a son. Steve has created a narrative that forces the reader to think about our most important relationships while examining and reexamining how we pursue happiness and meaning in life.”
Dr. Michael Xiarhos
Amazon Reader Review

It’s Solved By Walking!

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to walk 500 miles across a far-away country over mountain ranges, dark forests, and barren lands, through rains, searing sun, and a white-out blizzard with nothing but hemorrhaging tendons, severe blisters, and daily aches and pains to show for it?

Truth is, we are wired for long walks and thinking time. Restless souls across the religious spectrum, dating back 2000 years before Christ, have practiced pilgrimage in search of a greater understanding about themselves, and life. But for some unknown reason pilgrimage is largely foreign to us today. Henry David Thoreau believed walking constituted a sovereign remedy for most of life’s problems. “Solvitur ambulando,” it is solved by walking.

Join journalist and storyteller, Steve Watkins, as he shares in refreshingly insightful and transparent voice his forty-day account and the life lessons learned while walking a million and a half steps on one of the world’s most ancient Christian pilgrimages — the Camino de Santiago.

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