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About You

Consider Your Perspective

See Life’s Big Picture from a Higher Place

If there’s one true thing I’ve learned in life, it’s this:

We are at our very best when we take the focus off ourselves, and move forward serving others. The Bible is full of lessons confirming the ever-difficult-to-understand truth that it’s not about us.

My Writing and Teaching Is For:

The doubter who struggles with his faith and has more questions than answers.

The young person struggling with their sexuality and feeling all alone.

The busy parent who wants to set a great example but is so exhausted at the end of the day they would fall asleep saying their prayers.

The spouse who never, ever expected to stand before a divorce judge.

The business entrepreneur who no longer cares how many awards she has framed on the wall.

The angry friend struggling to understand a God who allowed her BFF to be needlessly killed by a drunk driver.

These are the things that hinder our walk with Jesus.

What if, instead of seeing God as some angry old man sitting on a cold throne just waiting to catch us in a mistake...

...what if we saw him for who He really is? A loving father who is always for us, cheering us on, proud as can be, and one who hurts with us when we make a mistake?

What if it all came clear one day that Jesus believed in us?

Let’s take a walk, and see if it’s true!