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We Are All On The Same Journey

You are in good company.

Our brokenness connects us more than any other thing.

See how others have been inspired to grow in faith and their path .

“I began reading Pilgrim Strong with a very fast pace getting through about half the book in only a few hours. I then began intentionally slow down, not wanting it to end.”
Kelly Harrington
“‘I have faith because I alone am simply not enough.’ With this powerful spiritual insight, the author sums up his epic 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain. This is the best Camino memoir I have read, and I have read some good ones. It helps that this pilgrim is a professional writer, but the real power of this book is that the author manages to remain true to his Christian roots without being offensive or leaving anybody behind.”
Amazon Reader Review
“As a Christian I appreciate not only Steve’s witness but his desire simply to meet people and hear and relate their stories without his turning every encounter to a plan-of-salvation plea. I think he has discovered a way of writing stories from the depth of his Christian heart that is worth emulating.”
J. Hudson
Amazon Reader Review
“I didn’t read this book in 2 days - it actually took me 3 weeks. But not because it was difficult to read or easy to put down. To the contrary, it resonated so strongly with me that I wanted to savor the story and digest the pearls of wisdom Steve offers so eloquently. He has an uncanny way of writing that makes the reader feel that we are engaged in a conversation - he is sitting there with you as you hear him open his heart and bare his soul. And as with any real conversation, you see remnants of yourself in his quandaries, find yourself pulling for him to the find answers, and when he does you shake your head in acknowledgement of the shared ‘yes.’ Thanks - good talk, Steve!”
Amazon Reader Review
“Pilgrim Strong is a great book for a lot of reasons. It's about a journey, an adventure and who doesn't want to go on a journey or an adventure! It's about challenges and setbacks and finding a way to overcome them and move forward and who doesn't want to overcome and move forward! It's about learning new lessons in new places from new people and who doesn't want to learn new lessons! It's written by a guy who is real and flawed and humble and helpful and though I've never met Steve I feel like I know him and if I ever meet him I'd give him a hug because he seems like he is already a friend!”
Lucy Gore
Amazon Reader Review
“If you need wisdom for the road you are walking read this book - twice”
Allen Craig
Amazon Reader Review
“You will know four things better when you finish this book. You will know Steve better, and thus the purity of a pilgrim heart. You will know The Camino de Santiago better, its stunning splendor and daunting challenges. You will know yourself better, identifying or completely departing from Steve and the fellow pilgrims through whom he tells this story. And you will know God better. Whether you walk The Way in hiking boots or in the adventuresome recesses of your imagination, whether your quest is personal adventure, physical challenge or spiritual discovery, you will find the call of The Camino irresistible and mesmerizing.”
Keith Richardson
Barnhill, SC

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